The pain inside

The pain inside of me really really hurts, the pain that you have caused really really hurts, there is so much pain inside that really really hurts, can I move on from all this pain, will this pain that really really hurts ever go away.


Broken Ties

I love these words x

Poems in a Coffer

Ties broken
are not always a call
to an end
sometimes they can be
unexpected beginnings
to unrevealed stories
that the future wants us to write
by forging us to a mystic journey
of self revelation
of hidden unfelt emotions
of unheard inner voices
of unconfronted truths
of covert lies
of the move from disguise
to reality
and to everything
that we had been
so oblivion to
that the only way
we could have
come to terms with
our unexplored selves
was by breaking the bonds
which adhered us together
sometimes making us feel
like we were prisoners of
our own fears and dilemmas
and sometimes like two bodies
held together by a magnetic force
and left to float free
yet confined
to the limits of its field

and now, my love
while we break off the ties
that we had built together
with all the ardor and hope

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